1. Atul Gupta Reply

    Mr. Vaitheeswaran should first get rid himself of the burden of bad debt of sellers of IndiaPlaza. Hundreds of sellers who have lost crores of rupees against the sales at IndiaPlaza demand answers from him for befooling them for past two years of repaying the lost money. He should first wash his past misdeeds before plunging into a new venture and again making innocent sellers lose their money.

  2. Sourabh Reply

    Yes , rightly said by Atul.

    We along with many sellers have had faced this wherein our lakh of rupees were not been paid.

    We were fooled till he time he sold the company to Aditya Birla.

    That money should have been levied back to the sellers you earned your riches.

    Poor guy.

  3. Durga Enterprises Reply

    We had Already lost our 5 lakh in indiaplaza. Inspite of many mails ,Phone calls , Legal notice sent to Mr.k Vaitheeswaran but never recd any reply . This is bloody Cheat (chor) company.

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