[Infographic] The WORLD CUP of E-commerce

If you caught the World Cup finals last night, (or should we say today morning?) it is quite possible the thunderous clash between Germany and Argentina is still playing on your head. We have the perfect remedy to the World Cup hangover, and the perfect way to get back to work after the late night party (or disappointment if you were rooting for Argentina!)

The e-tailing group has been surveying merchants for 14 years to understand where they are investing, what tactics deliver the most ROI for them, and how they perceive the shifting wants and needs of the shopper. Enjoy this graphical rendition of their 14th Annual Merchant Survey by Baynote

World cup of ecommerce infographic


It is interesting to note that, internationally, 42% of ecommerce players have invested significantly in mobile and 32% of retailers report that mobile is generating over 10% of their overall revenue

Selling on multiple channels is clearly the general modus operandi, with over 30% of ecommerce players investing significantly in omnichannel integration and over 70% of retailers sharing inventory across channels.

Do you agree with these numbers? Leave your views in the comments below.

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