Snapdeal goes personal, launches ‘SmartFeed’

Going by the latest changes and introductions, Snapdeal seems to determined to ensure customer loyalty and increase in revenue. It has launched its latest offering, Smartfeed- a personal shopping guide for its customers.

With Smartfeed, customers will get personalised product suggestions and trending list of popular products on the platform, based on their usage and preferences.

Outlining the importance of personalization, SVP, Product Management at Snapdeal Ankit Khanna said, “Given the size of selection of products that Snapdeal offers, we believe the key lies in personalizing the shopping experience online to match their experience in the offline store. Smartfeed has been launched in line with this and we hope to see a positive response from our customers.”

Snapdeal has integrated’s technology with its own personalisation and recommendation technologies to facilitate the service. It acquired Doozton, a product discovery platform, a few months back.

How does Smartfeed work?

With Smartfeed, Snapdeal will be able to make use of the following to personal customer’s shopping experience:

  • Deeper customer data like popular products specific to age groups
  • Better insights into buying behaviour

Smartfeed will have two features:

  • Shopping Ideas – Products will be recommended to customers based on they personalised interests, similar user classification and current purchase trends.
  • Trending Now – While customer visits will be analysed real time, popular products trending on the platform will be displayed to customers as per relevance.

Benefit for Indian Online Seller with Snapdeal’s Smartfeed 

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, online retailers have realised the need for personalisation to provide a close-to-physical store shopping experience to customers. Smartfeed will be that personal shopping assistant for customers which will suggest options based on their preferences, which would have higher chances of being accepted by them, rather than random options being thrown their way.


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