Highlights from the highly interactive IOS Seller Meetup, Mumbai, 21 June 2014

The beauty of online selling is the hassle-free and cost-saving aspects of it as we can operate your e-commerce business from even the comforts of your own room. Technology facilitates this. How did we know of this technology? Whoever comes up with ideas, SHARES it !

So we got thinking. Everyone is selling. Everyone has tips and tricks and different experiences. But how do we share this knowledge?

The answer was literally right there. An Indian Online Sellers Forum, a community of online sellers to help and support each other, sometimes even just listen. We floated the idea and a lot of you were on board, so there was nothing to stop us from holding IOS Sellers Meetup in Mumbai on Jun 21st, 2014.

With almost 30 people operating an online business in the same room, either direct online selling or related services like packaging solutions (Dynacorp) and multi-channel inventory management software (Browntape), one would think it would be all serious talk. But no, all work and no play makes even jack a dull boy. So yes, we had light moments and fun too.

The 4-hour long event was kickstarted by Suraj Vazirani sharing his online selling experience and journey. While he answered all the questions put forth to him, Hitesh Shah, National Sales Head of Dynacorp, added his knowledge about practical packaging solutions required for online sellers with a demo of some Dynacorp packaging samples. Piyush Goel, co-founder of Browntape, showed a demo of the browntape software, which enables hassle free multi channel selling while talking about selling on multiple channels in e-commerce.


The icing on the cake with a cherry, actually many cherries on top, was all the networking and sharing and talking – lots of it !


While the start-up sellers had a number of questions related to the hurdles they face, Suraj and the rest of the panel, which included Navin Mistry (Head, Global Trade, eBay India), Anurag Singh (Zonal Manager, Snapdeal) Piyush Goel (co-founder of Browntape) and Hitesh (National Sales Head, Dynacorp) were most helpful in answering their queries.

People had questions ranging from handling fake sellers undercutting with low costs, to handling negative feedback, to integrating physical inventory management process to inventory management software, to handling unforeseen octroi charges, and so on.

Networking opportunity for Online Sellers

Networking is the key to any successful business. You must be getting it right, but there may be others with a better way. You may have gotten something wrong, there might be someone who can tell you how to make it right.

With industry experts giving valuable insights in person, your business can only gain new heights. For example, Hitesh stressed on the fact that while packaging doesn’t really come up in the first set of things on an online entrepreneur’s mind, it is very important to have safe and secure packaging for high value products.

So we’ll keep having these meetup’s across different cities. Before you even think of skipping one in your city or a nearby one, think of all the experiences you will miss hearing from others. Think of the tried and tested tips you can pick up. Or simply think of it as a chance to feel good about yourself because you are getting that one thing right which another probably is facing problems with. He could use your help!

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