Myntra’s ‘Play & Win’ strategy

We have seen the increasing dependence of online players on traditional offline marketing techniques to entice and attract customers. Myntra has taken it a step further with the introduction of a digitally integrated game to strike the right chord with its customers, while attracting more traffic to its site.

Recently for three weekends across different malls in New Delhi, online shopping portal Myntra launched and operated a virtual game on ground. Customer could play the game and collect points according to the level of play. These points could be exchanged for actual discount coupons from Myntra. Upto 55 percent discount was offered.

Myntra’s campaign was executed by Karmatech Digital Interactive agency, who integrated Kinect (motion sensing input device) with the game. Kinect senses movements of the body and accordingly player movements were tracked and the progress of the game was recorded to distribute points accordingly.

The activation was executed over six days spread over three weekends in Delhi due to the huge customer base in and around the region. Through this Myntra was able to achieve the following:

  • Over 7,500 people participated
  • Over 8,000 coupons were distributed
  • 80% of the coupons was redeemed
  • Over 6,000 new shoppers were added to Myntra’s customer base

Myntra launched this on ground virtual game to promote its latest TV commercial and build its brand, thus increasing its customer base.

Opportunity for Indian Online Seller with Myntra’s marketing efforts

As figures already show, Myntra was able to add more than 6,000 shoppers to its customer base with this exercise over three weeks. Combining fun with winning, this was a unique and interactive way of striking a chord with customers.

Increase in traffic to the Myntra site will widen customer base, enabling sellers to reach out to more customers and increase sales.

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