5 Essential ways to ensure repeat sales when shipping products to customers

It is common knowledge that delivery of purchased products impacts customer satisfaction. Often, delivery is associated with timeliness and proper packaging of the product so that it does not get damaged in the shipping process.

However, one oversees the possibility and potential of a shipping box to be a marketing tool. Yes, shipping boxes can also form a part of your marketing to attract customers, mainly to get return (those coming back for a second purchase) and repeat (those coming back for three or more purchases) customers.

Repeat and return customers are important for every seller:

  • They spend more on each order. According to estimates, return customers spend three times more than a new customer per order and repeat customers spend five times more per order.
  • With consistently good products and timely deliveries, they will keep coming back to the same sellers due to the trust, credibility and hassle-free service.
  • Recommendations and reviews from such customers will be more effective and positive. Customer feedback affects purchasing decisions of other sellers.

In-box ecommerce marketing

With the current ferocious competition in the ecommerce scenario, marketing to existing customers is as important as marketing to attract new customers. Assuming your products are appropriately priced, existing customers can increase your profits proportional to the increase in their average order sizes.

Direct marketing has always been considered to be an effective tool to reach out to customers. Think of shipping boxes as a direct marketing tool. They are attached with every customer purchase as purchased products are packed and shipped in these boxes. So why not include them in your marketing plan?

So what should you put in the box?

1. Discount coupons

Marketplaces are already offering unbeatable discounts and offers to customers, which is one of the major reasons for the accelerated growth of ecommerce in India. Tap into this weakness of customers and include discount coupons in the packing boxes so that they are enticed into making more purchases.

Discount over a wider range of products or the entire store/marketplace is more attractive than discount for one product category alone. For example, a 20% discount coupon for any product in your store will be more attractive than a 20% discount for just clothing or jewellery etc.

Coupons also help to keep track of how many customers utilize them and how much it affects sales, thus helping to analyse the effectiveness of the marketing gimmick. Results can be used to better the discounts given or modify discounts as needed.

discount coupon

2. Review Request

Include a simple product review form in the box and tweak the form from time to time if needed, to increase response rate. It will bring the customers back to your store and also create content for your store. Customer feedback influences the purchasing behavior of other customers. More the positive feedback more is the number of customers and more the sales.

customer review

3. Free Merchandise

Customers love free things. Brands have been using this marketing technique for years with ‘Buy something, get this Free’ offers measuring to a great deal of success.

Capitalise on this sure-to-win-over-customer strategy and include interesting free merchandise in the shipping boxes to give a pleasant surprise to customers. Depending on the product, merchandise can be given. For example, a customer who has purchased 2-3 t-shirts can be given an extra t-shirt and a customer who has purchased a mobile phone can be given a free screenguard or mobile cover or similar.

free gift

4. Treats

Like free merchandise, you can place chocolates or even gift or offer coupons to be redeemed at restaurants or coffee shops. You can think of have tie-ups with the vendors in question, like chocolate vendor or restaurant owners as it would be marketing for them also.

Chocolate Hearts in Tin

5. Product catalogues

Expose and entice customers into exploring other products before they even visit your site with catalogue listing, if not all, at least some of your products. This helps to extend merchandising beyond your online store and expose customers to other or related products.

product catalogue

Incorporate these tricks into your marketing plan and see the difference it makes.

Do you use any of the above for your marketing or customer attraction? Share your tips.

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