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Editor | Sep 15, 2020

So, first and foremost, what is a social marketplaces? You can say that social marketplaces are ecommerce websites which are deeply integrated with Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. By doing this, they are able to customize their offerings and suggestions for people who are looking for products to buy. Also since everyone uses and shares their activities on social media, other people can hear about your products too! This is an excellent marketing opportunity for online sellers, who have relied mostly on pure online search traffic to sell their products. Since social media is a significant referral and discovery medium for your products, it makes sense to place your bet on a platform or marketplace which is deeply integrated with such mediums.


Facebook is incredibly popular in India. Everyone from a teenager to even older people access and use it to communicate with their friends and family. This also gives businesses a good opportunity to make themselves heard on the platform. The two examples of the social marketplaces that I am going to give you use Facebook as a base when it comes to ecommerce.


SellMojo provides an easy way for online sellers who want to sell their goods to people but do not have any knowledge of how to set up an ecommerce site. They help you set up your online store on Facebook and also have an option for you to host this store on your website. SellMojo takes care of the all the details such as payment gateways and setup and provides merchants with a dashboard to operate the site. The merchant just has to update their catalog and ship items that have been ordered by customers. SellMojo charges you a monthly fee for this service. SellMojo also recently launched its marketplace offering, creates another visibility and income avenue for its users to showcase and sell their products. This service is being offered for free.

Besides being easy to set up and operate, SellMojo also gives online sellers another advantage. Sellers can use Facebook as a medium to market their products. Since people can buy directly from Facebook, there is a chance of you selling more products.


Xarato is another young service which is looking for a way to build trust among customers for online sellers. In India and other countries, many customers do trust sellers who sell their goods online, simply because they do not have a way of knowing the seller’s identity.

Xarato requires both customers and sellers to link their accounts with social media IDs. Once the IDs are verified both the customer and seller can see each other’s real IDs. This can fill up the trust deficit that exists between both the customer and the seller. Also, sellers can take advantage of Xarato’s personalization features for customers. Xarato makes it easier for customers to keep track of their favorite category of products. This means you can make your product instant on channels like Facebook as and when you list them. These updates go straight to your most interested customers.

Online sellers should evaluate these social options too and see if products in their categories can sell well on Facebook. If you have a product that matches that criteria then you can definitely use these marketplaces to drive up your sales. Using multiple channels to sell your products is the best way for you to ensure that your business grows well. If you provide , then more and more people can come to your store.

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