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Shopify, a complete ecommerce solution for online sellers, has announced the launch of its Facebook Store. With this, online sellers can add one more platform to showcase and put their products up for sale. This will make it easy for your Facebook fans to shop directly from your Facebook page and will provide them a lot of convenience.


Shopify launched this Facebook app recently, and those of you who use Shopify to power your ecommerce stores can easily get it integrated.



So let’s see what features the Facebook Store feature has:

1. Customizable Tab:

Many online sellers have made Facebook pages to engage and attract new customers to their products. Shopify can add a customizable tab to your Facebook Page. This gives your fans the benefit of quickly searching and finding the products they like, directly from the fan page. You can also use the Facebook store’s unique link your posts and updates.

2. Like Gating:

Shopify Facebook Store also supports the practice of ‘Like Gating’. This term implies that a user has to like your Facebook page to access your products. This definitely increases the fans on your page and also gives you the opportunity to reach out to these new fans with your updates about new products and promotions, giving you a higher probability of sales happening.

3. Google Analytics:

Shopify’s complete has solution has Google Analytics baked in. Shopify’s Facebook Store also supports the use of this excellent free analytics platform. This integration will help you find out how your store is performing by giving you actual visitor data and other important performance metrics like click rate, bounce rate, total number of visitors, unique visitors and repeat visitors. In order to improve sales and grow your business as an online seller, studying these metrics and strategizing smartly is very important.

What’s in it for online sellers?

1. Social media presence and marketing will help you get your brand awareness and product spread far across to real people. If your products plug a real world gap in the ecosystem, then rest assured that social media platforms are like the best catalysts when it comes to brand and product awareness.

2. Selling on Facebook is convenient for both you and your customers as it removes the barrier posed by clicking on a link and going to a different site. With a Facebook store, a user will never have to leave Facebook while shopping.

3. Using marketing tools and ads on Facebook efficiently can create a better and targeted outreach to many different potential customers depending on their likes and tastes. You will get good value for your advertising spends on the platform because of the targeting that it allows.

Shopify is not the only company allowing you to sell on Facebook. We have written about social media commerce startups which are operating in India and help merchants sell goods on Facebook in an easy way. SellMojo is a very similar product which has been successfully operating before Shopify released its Facebook store. You should also check them out.

What are your thoughts on selling on Facebook? Share them with us in the comments.

Link | Shopify Facebook Store

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