Ebay Selling : Importance of Product Titles & Subtitles

Editor | Sep 10, 2020

If you are a seller on eBay India, you must be familiar with the 80 character limit when it comes to product titles. 80 characters is definitely restrictive when it comes to titling your product but it is really important in a counter-intuitive kind of way. It requires sellers to come up with simple, straight and stand out titles which will entice shoppers.

Product Titles are extremely important when it comes to e-commerce. It is because of these titles that users get your product in their search query on the website. eBay’s website matches the search string of the user with the closest matches. Thus, it makes complete sense for sellers to use up almost all 80 characters whenever possible. Besides product titles, there are other things like descriptions, item specifics and images which need to be optimized so that they can reach the highest number of appropriate shoppers on the platform. There is a lot of tweaking that can be done in these areas so that information about your product is easily accessible. For example, subtitles can be used to add more content if it doesn’t fit in the Product Title section.

Optimizing your eBay titles requires you to understand these two important aspects,

1. Accurate description:

While sellers can optimize and tweak their product titles and descriptions, one thing they absolutely have to conform to is accuracy in product description. Do not add keywords which are not related to the product and avoid spelling and grammar errors. Make sure you capitalize your words appropriately. Sellers should make sure they create the title by incorporating this sequence:

Brand – Gender – Type – Style – Size – Color – Condition

2. Foster Confidence and Trust:

It is important to distinguish yourself from the crowd. If you are aware that the quality of your products surpasses those of other sellers dealing with similar products in the same category, you should highlight this fact in your Product titles. This can be done by appending ‘Original’, ‘Genuine’, ‘Official’ to the product title. This will satisfy the customer when it comes to product quality, something they are always apprehensive about. A seller would also do well to give more information to the customer by describing the quality, build, manufacturing location of the product etc. Also make sure you add your seller name in the description. This helps increase brand recall and visibility and thus foster trust among potential customers.

Subtitles are also as important as product titles and give you an additional 55 characters to display product information. Like we said before, you can use the subtitles section to add descriptions that do not fit in the product titles. You can use subtitles to add any kind of additional information about the product. You can also add stuff like promotional information, Savings information, free delivery and other benefits that come with the product.

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