5 Ways to Boost Your Sales in 2020

Editor | Sep 29, 2020

This year has almost come to an end. The next year, 2020 holds a lot of promise for online sellers in the country. Ecommerce has been booming and will continue to do so as many more Indians start shopping online. It is therefore crucial for new and experienced online sellers to evaluate their strategy and start the year on a good note. We would like to point you in the right direction. Here are 5 ways in which you could get your sales to soar in 2020. Read on.

1. Build a portfolio of diverse channels

The ecommerce market is dynamic since it is still fairly young in the country and thus the best thing you could do is to diversify your ecommerce selling channels. For example, if you have an account on eBay India, you should also look at selling your products on other sites such as ShopClues, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Infibeam and SnapDeal. This helps you to separate your eggs in different well performing baskets and your online selling business will no longer be dependent on one service. This also has the advantage of get you many more customers than before, thus effectively growing your business.

2. Deploy a good looking and smart webstore

Your online storefront experience is equivalent to a physical store experience for the customer. If a retail store is well designed and places products intelligently so that customers have an easy time finding what they like, so can you. Make sure that your online store is user friendly. It should engage the customer and also show him/her the products that they are looking for quickly. Buying from a well designed online store should be pleasurable experience in its entirety for your customer. Look at your website from the perspective of your customer and design/arrange it accordingly. You should know that even minor tweaks in the way your storefront looks can have a big impact on sales.

3. Make your website mobile and tablet friendly

It has been noticed that many Indian shoppers are accessing online stores from their mobiles and tablets. With more customers trying to shop from the convenience of their portable devices, all online sellers should definitely make sure that their store is mobile and tablet friendly. If you site is not optimized for mobile then your potential customer will not have a good shopping experience and will not buy from you. You should not allow this to happen. Do not give your customers any reason to go away from your website.

4. Fast Delivery and Great customer support

Delivery times can play a huge role in ecommerce. If your competition can deliver goods faster than you, then your customer will not buy from you because of the extra time you take to deliver. Customers are getting used to really fast delivery times from all online stores. If you take longer to delivery, then the decision to buy from your competitor is a very easy one for your potential customer to make.  Optimize your delivery times as best as you can so that you can match those who deliver goods the fastest. Customer Support is critical when it comes to ecommerce. Since this is not a physical store, there is no real person for your customer to interact with during the buying and delivery process. Naturally, many customers who are not used to this will feel anxious. It is your job as a online seller to keep your customers at ease and help them at all steps of the transaction. Even if some problem crops up, make sure that your customer support team or person solves it and makes your customer happy. Happy customers means more sales!

5. Use Social Media and Deals to your advantage

Social media, specifically Facebook is an increasingly important tool for online sellers. It gives businesses access to many more customers. Since its a social network, your product information and status updates can travel across friends, states and countries if people like and share them. This can be a boost for your sales figures if you use it smartly. To make your Facebook or Twitter updates achieve virality, you should use promotions, giveaways, flash sales and deals to your advantage. Experiment continuously with them and see what kind of response you get. You could also use new features such as Shopify’s Facebook Store to get your customers to buy straight from Facebook. Pinterest, a image based social network is also rapidly growing as a good way for sellers to spread information about their products across to new and potential customers.

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