What Not To Do after your Ebay Sellers Account gets Suspended (Part 2)

Editor | Sep 14, 2020

In our previous post, we explained the possible reasons why a seller’s Ebay India trading account might get suspended. In this post, we will be informing you about what steps to not take once your account gets suspended. When such an incident occurs, it is natural to panic and the possibility of you taking the wrong steps to get your account back again is high. When this happens, you might end up in an even more complicated and difficult situation compared to before. We, here at IndianOnlineSeller would therefore like to bring these wrong steps to your notice, so that you don’t have to make these mistakes when your account does get suspended for any  reason.

1. Do not create a new Ebay India account and re-list your products.

It is very critical that all sellers understand this. When account suspension occurs, creating a new account and re-listing your items is worst possible thing you can do.

There are two very good reasons for this.

a. Ebay India will quickly detect your new account and re-suspend you making the situation worse. Ebay India has a powerful database which cross-references addresses, email ids, telephone numbers,IP addresses, mailing addresses, first and last names, bank account information and many such important details. This helps the Ebay India team to identify this new account and relate it to your old account, leading to re-suspension in a matter of days.

b. Besides this, it is a serious violation of Ebay India’s rules when you create a new account due to your previous account being suspended. You will thus be violating the company’s policy twice, first leading to the original suspension and then for re-suspension thus making you a serial violator, according to the company’s records. You will find it much more difficult to get your account re-activated once this happens.

2. You shouldn’t open a new account by using your relatives’ names, email addresses or different bank details etc.

Many sellers make this mistake after their account gets suspended. They immediately open a new account using different account information. This is done by using your friends or relatives’ information instead of the seller’s information. This is worse since it makes it certain that you carrying out this step in full knowledge of the rules and are thus attempting to circumvent them.

a. By doing this, you spread the damage resulting from your action to your friends and relatives. Each time you register using your relative’s information, the ‘circle of accounts’ related to your account grows in Ebay India’s database. Once they are linked to your account, they are liable to get suspended as soon as the company detects them. Their database is intelligent enough to make the connection between your account and your relative’s account. By doing this, you actually making it difficult for your family and friends to use Ebay India in the future, because these account will be blacklisted.

b. It is much easier for Ebay India to detect and suspend a seller over multiple attempts to open a new account. Every time you create a new account, you feed the company with more data to connect you to the original suspended account, thus making it very hard for you to use those account details in the future. Even if you change your identity on a new account along with other details, you are very likely to be identified and suspended.

3. Finally, do not ever attempt to get in touch with your bidders and offer to sell them your products outside of the Ebay ecosystem.

When an account gets suspended on Ebay India, all your bidders and buyers received a notice about the development. They also mention that a seller is instructed not to complete transactions and ask your bidders and buyers to report it if you try to make transactions. If buyers report you, then you violate another major rule of the Ebay platform, thus making your position difficult.

So how exactly does one get Ebay India to reinstate their suspended account? Get all the information in our final post, How to get your Suspended Ebay Sellers Account Reinstated’.

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