The New Look Tradus

Tradus has recently overhauled their website, viewable in ‘beta’ for around a month, combining a location based marketplace (the closer you buy, the quicker it gets delivered, and the cheaper the shipping), with a redesign of their website.

We’re actually pretty impressed at IOS regarding the redesigned Tradus website; it does differentiate it from the multitude of other marketplaces popping up in India, which all seem to have taken design lessons from the same school of thought.


Out with the old…


In with the new…

When any customer visits the site, they are greeted with a full screen overlay asking them to shop based upon location, which takes some hunting around to close.

The second obvious thing is the focus on full screen, high quality images and the highlighting of sellers before the fold (even those who have 3 out of 5 stars feedback), where previously, consumers had to scroll to see the top sellers.

Try and find out how to get in that spot, as it doesn’t seem to be related to feedback rating.

Why the location thing?

But what’s with the location angle? Could the Ibibo group (the owners of Tradus) be looking to move in to same day delivery, in much the same way that Amazon and Google have been doing in the US? Or could they be looking to enable delivery companies locally to do the same? It could of course, just be considered a differentiator in a fairly crowded market.

Mobile Friendly


Importantly, the new Tradus is mobile friendly, so if you’re already selling on Tradus, expect to get a lot more mobile searches in the near future. In the current market, and apart from eBay, mobile friendly could be considered a much bigger differentiator than location.

Think of the Merchant!

Unfortunately, the same attention to detail has not been lavished upon the seller panel, which looks, quite frankly, forgotten.

Fortunately, with a bit of rummaging around, it’s possible to find the old panel residing at, which (although it wasn’t great either) did give some level of functionality.

In summary, if you’re not already selling on Tradus, you probably should be (if you can manage to use it).


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  1. mohit115 Reply

    Tradus is probably the worst marketplace of them all. We are one of the top rated sellers there and with their new location based system inplace, they have started charging Rs. 75 for anyone who wishes to purchase from us from South India or Maharashtra. In effect that has resulted from us getting about 150 sales a day to about 30 dales a day. Besides, there’s no quality control whatsoever on tradus. You list a high quality product for Rs. 899 and by next morning cheap low quality product sellers from the likes of Gaffar will bring it down to Rs. 149. While the look of the product remains same, quality suffers and both genuine sellers as well as customers suffer.

    Tradus needs to improve its policies and not its design. The location based scenario is to help Tradus save on Courier charges and not the Seller or the buyer. How can a buyer benefit purchasing from a low quality seller even if that seller is in his own neighbourhood?

    • Babu Bisleri Reply

      Hi Mohit,

      Just saw your comment and although I may be late I feel I had to give you a tip about competing with cheaper replica products. Simple logic is if he can buy from gaffer, so can you . You only need to mention the same on your listing that this is a low quality product and not for the quality conscious , who can buy from “put your genuine product link”. That way you can be assured of high sales and low complaint ration at the same time.

  2. Babu Bisleri Reply

    We faced a lot of problems with payments on tradus in that matter ebay was the best


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