Sellers Claim That eBay India’s Powership Program Is Overcharging Them

Earlier, we wrote about why eBay India’s Powership program might be good for Indian sellers. While the program offers considerable benefits like shipping, faster remittance and an attractive rebate on PaisaPay, it has come to our attention that merchants using the Powership program have been complaining about eBay India overcharging them. It seems Powership is charging incorrect shipping costs for many orders.

Many Cases of Miscalculation

Samir Kazi of GadgetBucket speaks of the bad experience he had with the Powership program saying that he noticed that something was amiss when he was collecting the remittance from his eBay India account. He says that the company charged him Rs.1100 for a product which sells online for Rs.649. eBay India, it seems, had mistakenly calculated the weight of the product as 10 kgs in when in reality the product only weighed 1 kg. Alarmed by the experience, Samir went over his past remittance fees carefully and realized that the company had overcharged him to the tune of Rs. 38,000 over the last three months!


Another case is that of Sunil Bhojani of Mark Infotek who realized while going through his remittance fees that the Powership program had overcharged him by Rs.4000 in the past month! He points that this amount was more than half the salary of a packing staff member, for reference. He immediately got in touch with the Relationship Manager from eBay India and got the problem resolved after many calls. He says that it is apparent that eBay India has no clear process setup to deal with this situation.

It’s Always The Sellers’ Problem

The Powership program automatically cuts out the charges from the remittance of the seller and errors like these are borne by the sellers, some of them unwittingly. Samir adds that he has given all the information regarding the overcharging to eBay India and he has been assured that the money will be refunded, but when. He is now torn between growing his business and dealing with inaccuracies being committed by eBay India.

When the sellers pays upfront, it is always his/her problem to constantly follow-up with eBay for a refund. Such incidents take precious time away from the already packed schedule of the seller. There are other instances where seller has to constantly follow-up with eBay India when they are wrongly charged for Final Value Fee of Unpaid Order. This must stop!

What eBay India Needs to do

All this makes one thing clear – there is a lack of a proper process at eBay India whenever something like this happens and it is shocking to know that the company doesn’t have contingency plans to rectify this. We suggest that the eBay India should

  1. Lay out clear SLAs when it comes to such situations, preferably within 15 days for full refund!
  2. Also, a process for submitting such complaints should be made super-easy for the seller. The complaints should be registered online (without the need to call anyone at eBay India) and the status of complaint should be visible online.

If you have faced similar issues with the Powership program, do bring it to our notice in the comments.

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  1. darshan shah Reply

    yes I am facing this issue. There are 10 transaction for which wrong powership charges are applied.

  2. Rajat Mehta Reply

    Yes i faced the same issue worst service from ebay.

  3. Kruti Reply

    Yes its charging randomly. They should weigh product first before enabling powership on it. They charge like anything anytime for same product. Bullshit people.

    And Yes those people are worst for helping sellers. Nobody will work for them once they will get some better service somewhere else. Indian govt sites are better than this one.

  4. Hitesh R Patel Reply

    Yes it happens with me also ,but this is the problem of courier partner,but ebay should keep an eye on the courier partners,
    and it looks like if it small item in bag but if you use big bag for packing they charge VOLUMETRIC not by WEIGHT.

  5. same situation here ebay india i charging up to 20kg for 100 grams of item means 3500 rs for item of just 299 Rs
    can you imaging and no refund after 2 months

  6. I also lost my hard earning money by power ship.

  7. EBay powership is a way of looting sellers. I was on ebay powership since last 2 years and I didnot bothered to check the courier charges they were charging on my products. Last month only I got to know they are overcharging for every order I have sent through powership. No refund or waiver was given after many complains Instead I had to opt out of powership. Kindly donot get yourself enrol on ebay powership , I have been charged Rs 250 for a 100g packet, rs 150 sometimes and rs 350 also while the product selling price was 199 , I was charged rs 250 as shipping charge.
    After complaining they said you can opt out of powership.

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