Powerseller Eligibility Lowered. How Will it Affect eBay India?

large-ebay-india-logoeBay India has announced that it is reducing the eligibility for being a Powerseller starting from 18th August.  Previously, for sellers to be classified as Powersellers, they had to have Gross Merchandise Value of Rs. 1,44,000. Now with this announcement, eBay India has reduced the eligibility amount to Rs. 60,000, averaged over 12 months.

Besides being good news for many sellers in the country who are meeting the criteria, the company is also automatically upgrading all those sellers to become Powersellers. You will see this updated in your dashboard. Being a Powerseller gets you more benefits than ordinary sellers when it comes to promotions and exclusive offers. Also, you can get Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium Powerseller status if you increase your GMV consistently over the next few months.

This eligibility reduction impacts Indian online sellers who have been selling their goods on eBay India;

1. The Powerseller icon on a seller’s product listing is a boost in credibility for a seller. eBay shoppers trust sellers more because of this icon. Thus, those of you who will become Powersellers will definitely have customer confidence on your side.

2. This will also effect established Powersellers in a big way. Now with more Powersellers entering the program, the previous ones will definitely see their earlier edge slipping away. Big sellers on eBay India have a distinct advantage due to their Powerseller status. This change has made the eBay India marketplace a level playing field for new, up and coming , sellers, and hopefully isn’t an action that dilutes the quality of professional sellers on eBay India.

3. There is a perception among customers that many sellers on the eBay India marketplace sell ‘grey market‘ goods. Since customers place their confidence in Powersellers, customers will start buying more in the long run and will help eBay India shed this negative perception. eBay Guarantee is also an attempt by the company to get the customer to have faith in them.

You can check out the various benefits and requirements of the Powerseller program here.

Share with us your views on this new development and tell us how you think it will affect you.

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