Are eBay India’s CEOs Changing too Soon?

In May this year, eBay India announced the joining of their new CEO, Mr. Latif Nathani and of course the exit of Mr. Muralikrishnan B. This comes just 2 years after we heard of the exit of Mr. Ambareesh Murthy as the CEO. From the sellers’ perspective, it’s hard not to think about the fact that these changes are coming too soon.

Both Muralikrishnan and Murthy left to start their own companies. In fact, over the past two years Murthy has built as a dominant e-commerce player in the home furnishing space.

One would question how that impacts the sellers on eBay. The sellers ensure that great products are available on the site at phenomenal prices. But sellers depend on the company to deliver customers to the site. While eBay India has posted a growth in the sales, but has this growth been commensurate with the growth of the market.

The graph below shows how other e-commerce companies have taken away’s early lead in the country.

e-Commerce traffic trends in India

e-Commerce traffic trends in India

Can this slip in marketshare be attributed to lack of management stability?

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