1. Ramesh Iyer Reply

    Fraud Number 3 – Reimbursement Payment for damaged product – This is happening with Snapdeal in the recent past very often. I had experienced same, received completely damaged products because of buyer return. When the buyer is returning the product, the material is not properly packed and it’s getting damaged completely. The material cannot be even sold as second hand product. But snadeal’s QC team never accepts it and not even a single penny is getting refunded. Whenever we try to contact them they are simply telling that they cannot identify any fault in return, hence case cannot be considered. Because of this I had lost Rs.25,760/-.

    Snapdeal Seller

  2. Snapdeal folks call me twice every month on an average and request to resume selling. I have clearly asked them to send us Rs.50000/- as advance payment if they want us to resume selling as we cannot trust them in current scenario.

  3. Vinit Sehgal Reply

    We have lost over 50000 rupees to Snapdeal because of their fraudulent policies. Of course we don’t sell on Snapdeal anymore and life is a lot better now!

  4. Varun Sharma Reply

    Thanks for such information- This is really very helpful for new account holders at snapdeal. as per the given incidents same is happening with us where we handover product to snapdeal courier partner & next day order get cancelled without any notification even when we are sharing manifest details with Snapdeal.

    And yes for Kunal Bahl – Better shut down if you cant handle it. Give it to Ali Baba they will manage better than you.

  5. Sujata Reply

    Correct points listed here by Seller.But, that is not all. There are other many issues.
    Not only with Snapdeal. But, also with Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm

    Here nobody bother to check the serious issues of sellers. Because, our government is sleeping.

    When no strict policy available with government of India. This type of companies continue to cheat lakhs of sellers and make billions.

    Also government get taxes. So, why CARE????

    Instead of becoming contact victims. There is need to make a union and directly present this cases to PM and president office. And if government fail to protect. Government must pay compensation as giving to farmers.

  6. Sumit K Reply

    I got these clue 1 year back and I wrote all this here. Hope sellers know the truth before, almost all the e-commerce is working on same ground.
    Its time for seller to quit third part e-commerce web site.

  7. Sachin Reply

    There SD+ Model is even worse.

  8. pushpendra Reply

    some more thing which you missed here are:

    1. they are deducting the high logistic charge. they charged us 1.5 kg for a single cotton shirt. is it possible?

    2. snapdeal also forcing the seller for ad with high package and giving the fake order. seller is feeling good that sell has been increased but in really it these will convert in RTO & snapdeal will charge for this also. i.e double benefit. i also got two cod order which were not ordered by me & neither were in my account.

    3.these people are sucking the money of seller. they are charging extra shipping 49+. but not giving to seller although charging from seller & buyer both. RTO will increase due to selling price difference.

  9. Aditya Gupta Reply

    Ever since we have onboarded snapdeal we are facing the issue with returns and fake orders.
    We have had 2 very bad experiences in particular where
    1) Snapdeal claimed to have made 5 delivery attempts to our premises for a returned product. When we told them that no attempt was made even once, they mailed us that we have refused to accept our own product back. From 5 delivery attempts which were not delivered, they changed their stance and said we refused to accept delivery. Our simple question to them was to explain the logic behind us not accepting, if our products lie with them then we cannot sell them and if we accept the products back we would atleast be able to sell them and liquidate our investment, so there is no logic for us to refuse to accept our own product back, to this they had no reply and gave us the standard answer back saying that they are sorry, they understand our concern but they cannot do anything about the ticket. After 4 months of email exchanges they have finally agreed to pay. After reading your article we will surely keep track of whether payment is actually released or not.
    2) We received partial product ( 1 product out of 3) and shared images of the same with the snapdeal team. They refused to accept that we have indeed received partial product and shared an image where their Quality check team had clicked images of all our products and insisted that they have couriered all the products back to us, basically implying that we are lying. Their is no proof that after clicking those images they packed all 3 packets before courier , the package received by us was packed completely without any tampering , which clearly is a proof that 3 packets were not put inside the packet in the first place. The ticket is still pending and snapdeal’s response is awaited since the past 4 days. In these past 4 days we have on a daily basis asked them let us know how to escalate the matter, but their team is not replying.

    Their quality check team and the executives who handle seller’s query are highly incompetent and there is no way to escalate your concerns to a higher authority which is very irritating.

  10. mohit behl Reply

    I have almost face the all above issues also with snapdeal .. also to add few days back my bottles were coming broken specially the cap part .. when i sended them the proofs the shared their proofs stating that see sir its not broken … they took the pic from other angle where u can’t see the cap broken .. so they concluded on not giving the claim stating ur proofs are diff from our proofs where in the pics were taken from diff angle by them ..

    they think thier proofs are proofs and our proofs are crap.. we yesterday only decided to 0 down all snapdeal inventory forever …

  11. Ravi Pratap Choraria Reply

    Snapdeal is big fraudster . We used to sell on their portal from late 2010 till 2015 and stopped selling once we got to know their worst return policy, bad reimbursement, encouragement to fraud buyers, no proper point of contact and many many other reasons. Request each and every seller to stop selling on Snapdeal.

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