1. Mayank Verma Reply

    Agree !! That Jabong Wants To Earn Profits ,And Is De-listing The Less Performing SKU’s And Brands .
    But They Should Not Forget That Every Big Brand Starts From A Small Level .

    : ) Yes , We Got The Aggrement Termination Letter Too : )

  2. We were excited to register in Jabong and even after 8 months, we could only list 5 products. The quality team is extremely bad and in the end, we wrote an email to them that we are terminating the contract. I specifically used the verbiage as – “stupid company like Jabong”.

    The way they are doing their business will certainly bring them down soon. With handful suppliers, they will be running with less variety which is the key to these market places.

    We have finally decided to launch our own eCommerce portal.

    And yes, we got the agreement termination letter as well which we threw in the dustbin with a happy heart.

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