Paytm updates online retail training tab; What does it cover?

Online marketplaces are trying to help their sellers get as self-sufficient as possible. They offer a variety of training material either on their seller panel, blogs or mediums like YouTube. Paytm is no different. The online marketplace has introduced a completely new training tab for its online sellers, right on its seller panel. It provides essential selling guidance and other selling information under one roof.

Prior to this, the etailer introduced new features to its online seller app and revised its order processing stages. The training tab teaches sellers about all these in 9 basic categories. This training process is meant to make it easier for sellers to know how to perform the basics of online retail on Paytm without hassles.

The tab has become more intuitive and the training material is now available in the form of simple menus and slides. Clutter-free sets of slides with apt information for simplified learning are available for download as well.

9 categories covered under Paytm’s Training Tab

  1. Getting started

The first category covers basic information like how to log in, enroll on Paytm and the basics of the online selling process like below:

  1. Cataloguing

This category conveys detailed information about the cataloguing process. It shows sellers how to create new lists, add new product, manage and update catalogues.

  1. Orders

Through the category here sellers are taught about the basics of orders and how to process them. It also mentions detailed basics about packaging guidelines, SLAs and more.

  1. Returns

The returns section educates sellers about Paytm’s return policies and helps them learn about RPC and tracking return packages.

  1. Payments

Under this category of training seller queries about payments are answered. It shows one many things like tracking payments, viewing payment details and so on.

  1. File Center

This is a storehouse of all the files downloaded or uploaded by the seller onto the seller panel. Paytm also calls it a repository which contains all the files like TIN or VAT that were uploaded onto the panel. Even payment reports are stored here.

  1. Download forms

This is where sellers will learn where they need to download inter-state forms with ease. These forms are mandatory for sellers to declare when shipments are entering into certain states across the country.

  1. Boost sales

Here training is given on how sellers can promote their businesses and products on the marketplace.

  1. Seller App

For detailed information on online marketplace app for sellers, Paytm has created this section of training. This can help sellers run their online retail business easily while on the go.

All the above have been well explained and presented for quick and easy learning which can be checked out here.

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