Attention Sellers! Paytm order processing stages have changed

Order processing can be stressful especially when you have to deal with many orders at once. To avoid confusions that could lead to delays marketplaces are trying to perfect their systems. Some are concentrating on logistics and some on their seller panel.

Paytm is no different. Last week, IOS updated you about the etailer’s move to increase payment transparency. To achieve this Paytm decided to update its seller panel payments tab. The marketplace promised sellers that more helpful changes are on their way and on Wednesday, it revealed via email a new seller panel update.

Change in Paytm order processing stages

Paytm told its seller its order processing stages have been renamed. The purpose of this was to simplify the process for online sellers. The etailer informs its Last Mile Delivery sellers that in the new flow, they must acknowledge orders. To do this, the following steps must be observed:

Obtained from Paytm to online sellers

Obtained from Paytm to online sellers

In the case of Non-Last Mile Delivery (NLMD) order processing, the steps are as follows:

Obtained from Paytm to online sellers

Obtained from Paytm to online sellers

The etailer has also created specialized training guides to help online sellers dealing with LMD and NLMD order processing.

To help improve your order processing performance there are a couple of hacks you could try here as well. You can learn to reduce the time it takes to process orders and limit the confusions cause while processing marketplace orders.

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