Paytm launches enhanced app and Call Me option for efficient Online Selling

The more you can do with your time the easier your life is. Don’t let the fact that online retail is carried out over the internet fool you. There is a lot of running around that needs to be done. Time is money and the more time you lose, the more money you’ve wasted.

Ecommerce is a race and Paytm gets it. That’s why the etailer now has two very effective time-saving options:

1. Paytm’s enhanced seller app
2. Paytm “Call me” on the seller panel

According to emails sent by the etailer to its online sellers, the above-mentioned options can do the following

Paytm enhanced Seller App

The new and improved seller app from Paytm now allows online sellers to do more on the go. There are four new additions to the app that allow fast and efficient business for Paytm sellers.

A. View returns

This option allows online sellers to immediately access return history along with the reasons ffor the returns. With regards to in-transit orders, the location of the order is available for viewing and also the delivery status.

B. Business tips

In case expert guidance is a high priority requirement, sellers can acquire the assistance they need from Paytm’s expert tips and tricks on how to boost sales and improve overall performance with Paytm.

C. Multi-warehouse view and management

Now online sellers can view and mange their inventory in different warehouse thought this enhanced app feature.

D. New and improved home screen

The enhanced home screen of the Paytm app provides added information like insights, orders, payments and much more. This way online sellers have crucial requirements right the moment the app opens.

Paytm Call Me option 

Like we’ve already discussed, time is of the essence in online retail. So waiting around for marketplace response is bad for business. Luckily, Paytm understands the pressing need for quick action. As a result of this realization, the ecommerce company has introduced a call option on its seller panel.

(Obtained from Paytm email to online sellers)

(Obtained from Paytm email to online sellers)

How does Paytm’s Call Me service work?

Step 1 – Click Call me

Log into the Paytm seller panel and select the support tab at the top right. Pick an area of concern then refine the search. Fill in the details relevant to the requirement then click on the call me option.

Step 2 – Query researched

The Paytm representative will research the query/ concern made before calling the seller back.

Step 3 – Call back

Once the required information is obtained through research, Paytm will call the seller back for more details on the matter. Accordingly, an answer will be provided then and there or Paytm will consult with the required department and then get back to the seller with the required details.

Following this means of raising concerns is very fast and provides more clarity, claims Paytm. As a result, an online seller can resume selling immediately without any hassles.

Have you tried any of these new Paytm options? How do you rate them?

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