1. akshay gupta Reply

    ebs open letter is 2 years old.it is not relevant now.

  2. Citrus looks lower transaction rates and if the customer support and resolution team is good, we can go for it

  3. Chocolate Reply

    Another successful payment gateway is Paytm Payment gateway (http://www.paywithpaytm.com)

  4. Richard Reply

    Findout some of the best payment gateways available now like Klarna, PayPal, GoCardless, SagePay, Checkout by Amazon and Stripe.

  5. Aditya jain Reply

    It is a great article and it seems to be a very useful to me , i got what i am looking for thank you

  6. Vansika Rani Reply

    really very great article..
    Thnks a lot..

  7. Harsha Reply

    Very useful article !!

  8. i want a online payment gateway for my NGO ( save angels foundation) with all option like Net Banking , Debit card , credit card and all for make payment soon . Reply me as soon as possible on my number – 011-43022821, 09899110552 .

  9. sunsys Reply

    You forgot to include Instamojo, right now they are the best with minimum paperwork and instant registration you can go online in 1 day and their pricing is only 1.9%+ST. Customer support is very good and the user is assigned an accounts manager within a week. So Instamojo seems to be a good gateway to use.

  10. Overall the analysis is good, but the lead time from time of sale to money deposited on your account is not mentioned, can anybody share this information.

  11. Great work … One post to get the overall idea about the best payment gateway service providers in India …

  12. i would like to get a good gateway for my website. Who can help me better

  13. Anthony John Reply

    I strongly feel http://www.instamojo.com should have been in the list. They have a better payment solution which is more than gateways. Their Pricing is way lesser than any other player in the market and the customer support is awesome!

  14. Vihaan Reply

    Citrus is charging Rs. 5000 set up fee and 15000 in integration !!!

  15. I would still say Instamojo.com would be the best payment gateway and with lowest TDR

  16. Here I have added a very useful and updated list of Indian Payment Gateways


  17. Rahul Reply

    In terms of tech, CitrusPay is the best payment gateway in India. Their product stack is very strong catering to all merchants big and small and their are very competitive too. All in all a superb package!

  18. Anand Reply

    Thanks for sharing list of payment gateway site as i was looking out for payment gateway site which will help me out for my biz purpose with lower percentage. Even i have checked list on techwelkin, myinfostake for payment gateway site in india. I found that you have shared really good article which has helped me to know much more about payment gateways in india

  19. I am using instamojo.com for my site successmindware.com

    They have excellent technology and customer service. I found it easy to set it up on my site. They also offer multitude of payment methods to customers

  20. Thanks for this useful article, I have been looking for this information for so long.

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