eBay extends FREE Fixed Price Listing in Lifestyle category till 24th March 2014

eBay’s free fixed price listing promotion (Zero insertion fee) in the lifestyle category was launched on 24th February 2014. Following the tremendous success and participation, eBay has extended the end date from 10th March to 24th March 2014. In the promotional period, sellers listing their new and unused lifestyle products in the fixed price format will not be charged any insertion fee.


The following items listed in the fixed price format are eligible for the promotion:

  • Baby & Mom
  • Fitness & Sports
  • Musical instruments
  • Stationery & Office supplies
  • Car & Bike accessories
  • Home & Living
  • Perfumes, Cosmetics & Health
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Kitchenware, Dining & Bar
  • Shoes & other Footwear
  •  Toys, Games & School supplies
  • Watches

The promotion does not put a limit on the number of listings a seller can make in the lifestyle category as long as the listings are done within the promotional period. Additionally, the following items are eligible for the promotion:

  • Scheduled listings that were done before the promotional period set to start in the promotional period
  • Good till cancelled items, even if listed before the promotional period, till the renewal date
  • Good till cancelled items renewed (previously listed before the promotion started) during the promotion period


Insertion Fee

Insertion fee is the basic fee eBay charges when a seller lists an item for sale and is not refundable. It depends on the category of the item and the selling format chosen. Generally, it is charged as below:

  1. Single item listing
    1. Auction – as per starting price or reserve price
    2. Fixed price – as per Buy It Now price
  2. Multiple items – as per reserve or fixed price multiplied by the number of items


 Ideal for sellers looking to promote their items

Deals and promotions always attract customer attention and increases profit margins. Existing sellers should cash in on this promotion as it gives them the opportunity to list their items at a lower price to attract more customer attention and increase conversion rates.

News sellers can also utilize this opportunity to promote their items as the initial fee for a listing will be lesser in the absence of insertion fee. Once a customer feels he is getting value for money, he is sure to come back for more.



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